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January 03, 2002

reading anxiety

An excellent article about "reading anxiety". Boy do I relate:

At some point along the path to discovery, the reader confronts his or her reading mortality. There's only so much time. And there are so many great books. And every year more books are published, some of which will be great. Reluctantly, the reader begins to acknowledge the appalling necessity of choosing to read certain good things and not other good things.


That is what keeps readers going, this crazy delusion that someday there will be time.

I gave up on that notion long ago, I'm resigned to the fact that I'll always be behind in general and behind many of my friends, specifically. But that's alright.

Last year I probably read the least of any year ever, though, and that's not right. It's time I got back in the habit. I can't even say most of my reading was done online, as I fell down there, too, and really didn't read many weblogs or journals last year, either.

Posted by Laurel Krahn at 03:11 PM

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