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October 15, 2001


I've not seen many movies at all this year, really.

But I did go see Zoolander and found it . . . diverting. Stupid. But there were enough bits that made me laugh that I'd rate it as okay. I'm not sure I recommend it, exactly. I don't claim it's good. But it's diverting and if you're like me, you may laugh at some of it. That's what I'm saying.

And I've also seen Serendipity. Liked it. But then I'm predisposed to like it because it features both John Cusack and Jeremy Piven. And it's light and funny. As Jeremy Piven has said repeatedly: "It's not a romantic comedy, it's a comedy that's romantic." Er. Well. I went in with low expectations and enjoyed it, never mind any implausibilities, never mind the predictability. But then I'm an utter sap. And again: Cusack and Piven factors. Plus Eugene Levy. And John Corbett as a New Age musician (heh!).

I've also now seen Moulin Rouge five times. Yes, I'm obsessed. I love it. And it's a pity it's no longer showing at the ultra-cheap theater near me, but then that's good or I might just go see it every night and that might be a bit much.

Posted by Laurel Krahn at 11:30 PM

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My wife saw it 3 times in the theater -- first movie she's ever paid $$ more than once for! She positively loves it! Believe it comes out on video next Tuesday.

Posted by: davidmsc at November 17, 2001 02:21 AM

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