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September 17, 2001

more stuff about you-know-what

I can't look at it all. Sometimes I can't bring myself to watch any news TV or to look at anything on the web. Other times, I can't do anything but look at this stuff. As I notice stuff I find particularly moving or interesting or good, I'll post it here. But I plan to get back to posting the "fun stuff" too.

There's going to be a special issue of The New York Times magazine. It's available online already, the print edition won't hit stands until the 23rd. The piece by Jonathan Lethem is great, as you might expect. I haven't read everything there yet.

A page showing pictures of reactions the world over. These are things that make me cry, these are things that also give me hope that maybe some good will come out of this.

Bill Shunnís check in page now has a really good essay posted as well as links to interesting articles about the check-in pages and how they were used (and abused) and what happened and what should happen. I feel bad for the people who misunderstood these pages or were given false hope, but Billís page in particularly truly was a blessing for me as when I saw it around Noon on Tuesday, most of my friends and acquaintances had checked in there (since I know Bill and they know Bill and like that).

Ian McEwan:

This is the nature of empathy, to think oneself into the minds of others. These are the mechanics of compassion: you are under the bedclothes, unable to sleep, and you are crouching in the brushed-steel lavatory at the rear of the plane, whispering a final message to your loved one. There is only that one thing to say, and you say it. All else is pointless. [The rest of the column]

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