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September 14, 2001

real realities

real realities

Angel, the winner of the recent FOX "reality" series Murder in Small Town X is among the firefighters listed missing in NYC.

And Monica, of Big Brother 2, reportedly has a cousin who worked in (or near) the WTC and is missing. Not that CBS has told the houseguests all about it (first they told them very little, since then they've reportedly told them more, but for a while on the feeds it was clear that the houseguests really had no idea. I mean, how could they?). Word is now that the houseguests are more informed, but I find it all pretty appalling (not that I'm surprised). Maybe CBS should let the houseguests go home. This post to tvbarn2 has more details.

Posted by Laurel Krahn at 10:34 AM

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This may be somewhat superficial to report upon, but a news item in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that Julie Stoffer (originally of Delafield), from MTV's Real World New Orleans, was almost on American Airlines Flight 11, which hit the WTC. Had she not had a spat with her boyfriend on the phone early Tuesday morning, and not decided to stay in Boston and not gone back to sleep in her hotel room at 6am, and boarded her scheduled flight instead, it would have been a very tragic end for her indeed. From the actual article:

"Jan Stoffer said her daughter called home 'almost hysterical' when she woke up and saw TV coverage of the disaster involving the flight she was to have taken. 'It was real traumatic,' said Jan Stoffer, adding that her daughter was still too shaken to talk to reporters Friday."

Stoffer was in Boston for a public appearance and was to fly to LA to visit her boyfriend Tuesday.

Posted by: vix at September 15, 2001 09:50 PM

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