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August 31, 2001

upcoming flash girls shows

The Flash Girls will be performing at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival on Saturday, September 8th throughout the day. Quite a few times at the Mead booth, also probably at the Wood, Willow, & Whatnot booth and various other places. Will be playing on their own and with Bedlam.

And then they'll be playing a special album release concert at 8pm on Saturday, September 8th at Dreamhaven. Yay! With all sorts of special guests, as you might imagine (if you know the Flash Girls).

The new album, Play Each Morning, Wild Queen is fabulous (of course) and is available at Dreamhaven and from Fabulous Records. I recommend it.

Featuring songs by Emma Bull, Lorraine Garland, Neil Gaiman, Dorothy Parker, A.A. Milne, Todd Menton, Steve Brust, Adam Stemple . . . you get the idea.

Posted by Laurel Krahn at 01:27 AM

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