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August 31, 2001


Okay, I'm not talking about anyone named "Monty Palooza," I'm talking about Monty Ashley, who has a spiff website at montykins.com. He posts cool funny stuff there almost every weekday.

(Yes, I'm thinking of changing my own middle name to "Palooza" because I've been saying "palooza" so much of late. But I'm weird. And I'm horrible at coming up with subject lines for weblog entries and I know I can stop using them via greymatter, but early entries somewhat depend on the subject lines so losing them entirely would make the archives confusing and boy am I digressing here . . . ).

Where was I?

Oh yeah. That Monty guy. He's funny. I visit his site daily. If you read Teevee.org regularly you already know his work. Or if you read my TV Picks, you know him as that Cool Guy Who Filled In When I Was On Vacation. Not To Be Confused With The Cool Chick Who Filled In When I Was On Vacation That Other Time.

Monty's recent piece re book proposals cracks me up. I think I need the "Getting Comfortable" book, though I blush to admit it.

Posted by Laurel Krahn at 01:14 AM

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