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August 02, 2001

now and again to air again on sci-fi

Yay! The Sci-Fi Channel has picked up the rights to air reruns of Now and Again.

Cool. It was one of my favorite series of the 1999-2000 tv season. Eric Close, Margaret Colin, Dennis Haysbert, Gerrit Graham, and Heather Matarazzo starred in the fabulous series. John Goodman guest starred in the pilot episode (and one other episode). Created by Glenn Gordon Caron (of Moonlighting) fame.

It was a unique blend of elements of science fiction and romantic comedy and action and drama. Good (sometimes great) writing, fabulous acting, it had a unique look and feel. I loved it. So I'm happy it'll air again so that maybe some new people will find it. And so that I can tape episodes I didn't record the first time around. And who knows? Maybe there are a couple of episodes I haven't seen yet? I'm looking at a list of episodes and I think it might be possible.

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