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July 27, 2001

JWH and band on yahoo

I finally got around to looking at the audio and video from a concert John Wesley Harding and the Radical Gentlemen did for Yahoo. Recorded back in November, 2000. It's very cool. They perform a bunch of songs from JWH's latest album The Confessions of St. Ace. Any and all Wes info can be found at wesweb.net.

Set list: "Humble Bee," "People Love To Watch You Die," "Same Piece of Air," "Our Lady of the Highways," "I'm Wrong About Everything," and . . . ta-da . . . one of my favorites (appropriately enough) . . . "Window Seat" (from Awake)

JWH is one of my favorite songwriters and performers so I think you should check out the concert (if you haven't already). :) (I state the obvious, don't I? I mean, why else would I link to it?)

Posted by Laurel Krahn at 06:57 PM

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