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July 27, 2001


This weblog and almost all of windowseat.org and tvpicks.net were down from sometime on July 25th (when I up and removed everything) until sometime on July 27th when I restored most things. Some archives reappeared on July 26th.

I know, I'm a big weirdo. Also: indecisive.

But I was extraordinarily depressed and upset and taking down all my websites seemed like the thing to do. It sure was cathartic. Fortunately, I had a clear enough head not to delete things permanently.

Because in the hours after I did it, I received some extraordinarily kind emails that reminded me why I do this. And a friend made me do some searches to see the many places that have linked to this site over the years and the fab things cool people have said about this site (and about yours truly). (I'm one of the rare webmasters who avoids looking at her access and referrer logs and who doesn't regularly egosurf. So it was weird and kinda cool to see the various sites that had linked to me in the last couple of years. Lots that I hadn't known about, to be honest).

I'd thought that this site didn't matter, that I didn't. For a while, that's how I thought (further proof that depression makes one irrational).

And I'm still far from at my best, but I'm seeing things clearer and so I'm putting stuff back, even if I think it all sucks right now . . . it seems some people think otherwise. I hate that a hasty move on my part resulted in all sorts of broken links-- I always think it rude when other people do that sort of thing.

While the cliche is you've gotta do your website for yourself, not anyone else-- if I'm honest, I know that I'm really doing this weblog and the tv picks for you guys. I enjoy it or I wouldn't do it, but I wouldn't do it if I had no readers. It's for you. My apologies for underestimating y'all, for thinking there was no one out there.

To those who've emailed expressions of gratitude or concern-- it all meant more than I can say. I was moved (okay, I'll admit it: I cried). Big thanks also to those who've linked to this little weblog and to those who've emailed me about this site (whether it was last week or way back in '98).

Posted by Laurel Krahn at 11:57 AM

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