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July 13, 2001

big brother

Jon Carroll is right.

Last summer, I watched a lot of Big Brother, online and on the show. I read the topic on The Well and talked about the show a lot and was really into it. I was fond of those houseguests and fascinated by how the network/showrunners twisted events in the house for TV. And I was amazed at how few people seemed to understand what was going on. By how few people liked those houseguests.

Carroll gets it and was privy to a lot of the same stuff I was last year. His articles from last year are also spot on: The first one from before things got truly interesting. And a later one (called "The Revenge of the Nice People"), that's my favorite.

Martha Soukup has written about Big Brother 2 for Salon.com this year (her articles at salon and her posts on The Well last year were probably the best thing about the first show).

And this critic is also on the right track, claiming that "boring is better".

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