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June 22, 2001

new Flash Girls album

Wow! Woohoo! Yippee! Yay! And on and on . . . (I'm whooping, just like old times).

The new album by the Flash Girls (the Fabulous Lorraine Garland & Emma Bull) is called Play Each Morning Wild Queen and is now available at Dreamhaven Books and from Fabulous Records (whose website hasn't yet been updated, but you could still send 'em the appropriate amount of money and an order and get CDs from them, I bet).

The album was produced by Adam Stemple, engineered by Leo Whitebird. Lots of the usual suspects play on the album, including Adam Stemple, Steven Brust, Lojo Russo, Robin Adnan Anders, John Sjogren, and Todd Menton. Cover art by Michael Zulli.

With songs by Lorraine, Emma, Neil Gaiman, Todd Menton, A.A. Milne, and Dorothy Parker. Yes, really. And some by that trad guy.

Whee! Tracklist: Driving With Noel, Threnody, Lily of the West, Buckingham Palace / Dunford's Fancy, A Meaningful Dialogue, Race To The Moon, The Wine with the Stars In It / Mr. and Mrs. Mara, All Purpose Folk Song (Child Ballad #1), Sure of Me, Ride on / Reverend Guiness, Personal Thing, Nottingham Ale.

And if you want to chat with other Flash Girls fans, you might want to join signal-to-noise, the Flash Girls mailing list (which I've administered since 1991 or '92 or so. I've lost track. Wow.)

Posted by Laurel Krahn at 03:21 PM

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And, predictably, it's completely brilliant. From the jagged fancies of 'Buckinham Palace' to the 50's surf pop pastiche of 'A Meaninful Dialogue' - it's all sterling stuff. *Sigh* I think I'm in love with them.

Gosh, this is a late response.

Posted by: Nervous Pete at April 3, 2003 03:31 PM

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