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June 16, 2001

best gifts

I'm really looking forward to the Winnipeg Folk Festival. Lots of my friends are going to be there (some for the first time, some after not having been in a while). That's the best thing: knowing I'll be hanging out with people I like a lot. Plus: great music! good food! fabulous music around the campfire 'til the sun starts coming up! wacky hijinks at the campground! Um. It's a lot of work, very exhausting, but so far very worth it.

The lineups for the main stage concerts have been announced. Groovy. On my birthday I'll be hearing Sarah Harmer, the Cowboy Junkies, and Crash Test Dummies live. Whee! Plus Sue Foley and Scruj MacDuhk (I'm too lazy to put the umlaut in there). I'm predisposed to like the latter band simply 'cuz of their name (even though I don't know much about them).

(How can it be the middle of June already? Where does the time go?)

Posted by Laurel Krahn at 09:56 PM

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