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June 15, 2001

charles taylor on tomb raider

I love it when critics are funny when picking on movies. Charles Taylor didn't much like Tomb Raider:

The camera swings around and jerks hither and yon as if it had been mounted to Charo's hips instead of a tripod. And I'm sure that with the use of the paper shredder I received last Christmas I could learn to duplicate Dallas S. Puett and Glen Scantlebury's editing scheme. Let's just say that if spatial relationships are part of what you require to make sense of a movie -- you know, telling where the characters are in proximity to one another, something that tends to help when good guys and bad guys are squaring off -- then maybe it's time to stay home and get started reading "The Count of Monte Cristo" as you've always meant to.

Heh! (or watch the movie version, for that matter).

Posted by Laurel Krahn at 01:14 PM

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