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June 13, 2001

100 disappointing specials

I watched the last two hours of AFI's 100 Years . . . 100 Thrills special last night. Which turned out to be about "heart pounding movies." Um, okay.

Here's the website and the list.

The special disappointed me. Sure, they had some interesting people making remarks (Steven Spielberg, John Williams, Stan Winston), but they also had other action film stars talking about films they weren't in and, quite frankly, I couldn't care.

And the clips they picked? Eek. They seemed to have intentionally picked some very gross or scary scenes. And scenes with big honkin' spoilers. Not that they should be avoiding spoilers for movies that have been out for twenty years or even two years, but still. It irked me. 'Cuz I'm sure some people watching haven't seen all the movies on the list and isn't part of the point to get people interested in seeing some of these? And if they're interested, aren't they gonna be a little miffed by the spoilers or that they've already seen a clip of the most heart-pounding scene?

And then there's the fact that the list doesn't quite make sense. It made more sense to me when I heard the "heart pounding" line. I'd thought it was a list of best action movies, but it's a list that encompasses thrillers and action and horror and is, in some respects, all over the map.

I can't get too worked up (no, really) because I don't care all that much. Not as much as I did over the best comedy list, for instance. Or best american films list.

Maybe I just have a problem with any list where Titanic is ahead of Star Wars and The Maltese Falcon and Notorious and Casablanca and on and on . . . Heck, it's ahead of Die Hard, that's just ridiculous.

Posted by Laurel Krahn at 10:00 AM

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