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June 06, 2001

gearing up

Just a day less than a month now 'til I turn 30. Eek. And also less than a month 'til the Winnipeg Folk Festival. Wow.

Cool: Michelle Shocked has been added to the festival lineup! Yay!

I've been dragging my camping gear out of storage and checking it over. And I've started checking out gear at stores and on websites because even though I'm pretty well set gear-wise, it's just fun to look at stuff (and to upgrade, of course). My first year at the festival, I made do with very little gear and very little money (and in fact borrowed most of my gear) and I had a great time. Last year I had more gear and still had a fine time. It's not about the gear. I just like to look at gear, methinks.

(yes, I'm trying to set a record for the number of times one can say "gear" in an entry).

I think I may need one of these Ice Caps (link via Martin McClure).

And our group is about to place a group order for Electroluminescent Wire. Yes, that's right. We've decided to stop buying the little glowy cylume necklace things and to replace them with EL Wire. We're such geeks. But it's gonna be cool. (I've got a four foot long wire in traditional baggiecon pink ordered, as well as a 7 foot wire in teal green). More EL wire.

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