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June 04, 2001

now *that* is an auction.

Swords and daggers and scrolls and boots, oh-my. Winged helmets. Fertility amulets. Wedding dresses. A giant's axe. A crossbow. The Golden Apples. Odin's sword. Athena's sword. Lucifer's singed outfit. Cupid's bow and arrows. The clothes off Caesar's back. A broken chakram.

Yes, it's an auction of props from Xena, Warrior Princess.

The outfit Xena wore when impersonating Cleopatra. Gabrielle's sai. Joxer's armor. Autolycus costume. Callisto's costume. Aphrodite's costume. Ares' costume. Xena's armor. And so on . . .

Lots of cool stuff. Proceeds go to charity. More items being added all the time.

Posted by Laurel Krahn at 02:03 PM

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