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June 01, 2001

content is king

For all the time I spend puttering around with new color schemes and layouts for various portions of this site, I realize that I don't actually cruise around the net to look at funky design.

Sure, I admire great design when I see it. And I aspire to better and better design myself.

But when it comes down to it . . . I just want sites that are easy to navigate and easy to read and which have *great* content. People who have cool things to say don't need fancy schmancy designs. Sometimes wacky color schemes and funky designs and other bells and whistles just get in the way.

(Some cool sites with simple design? Montykins and GirlHacker. YAWL. Or a couple of classics that inspired me to create a weblog in the first place: Robot Wisdom and Honeyguide. They all keep it simple on the design side, yet are really great sites because the content is so good. And they're easy to read and navigate).

Sometimes I think I'm wasting time fretting about color schemes when I could be writing things. (But then, I enjoy puttering around with color schemes, I guess. Or why else would I do it?)

Posted by Laurel Krahn at 12:45 AM

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