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May 11, 2001

sing-a-long sound of music

Last Sunday afternoon, I went to the State Theater in Minneapolis and saw The Sound of Music on a very, very big screen.

With a crowd of people of all ages, many of whom were in costume depicting characters or song lyrics or events from the film.

And yeah, we all pretty much sang along with every song.

And we hissed at the baroness and cheered Maria and whistled at the Captain and barked at Rolf (!) and "awww-ed" at the littlest kid. Ayup.

They had other pre-fab things as part of this Singalong show, we were each handed a goodie bag as we went into the theater. With fake edelweiss to wave during that song. And a few other prop-type things. Nothing too impressive or clever, but it was still fun.

I'm not a huge fan of the movie, but I like it and have seen it many, many times (never on a big screen, that's part of why I went).

I didn't have plans last Sunday and on a whim bought a ticket on Saturday afternoon. Expensive ticket, but I got a good seat (front row of the loge-- the lowest balcony).

I probably would've had more fun if I'd gone with friends or if I were more into it, but it was still way cool to see the movie Big like that. And the singing along was fun. Not many people shouted things at the screen, alas, but I bet there's more of that depending on how long the show runs and on what city it's in and depending on the showing.

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