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May 02, 2001

i want one

One of the new iBooks, that is. With an airport card and an airport base station, of course.

Of course I'd take a Titanium Powerbook, the widescreen is so very nifty. Or I'd even settle for someone's old iBook if they decide to upgrade (preferably an orange or lime green one).

So many gadgets I want, so little money . . .

Posted by Laurel Krahn at 10:47 PM

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Oh, I don't know...I've had one of those orange iBooks for about 18 months now and it's cracked, dirty, and I've had to replace the power cord 4 times now.

Then again, I've abused it about as much as someone can without being 12 years old and it's still running on my Airport network with DSL hooked up to it. I guess it's not such a bad little computer.

(Get one of those old graphite iBooks with the DVD in it. They might be priced to sell right now.)


Posted by: Dennis at May 5, 2001 01:13 PM

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