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May 02, 2001

this week in (windowseat) history

Two years ago in this weblog, I was still obsessed with Homicide: Life on the Street, went and saw the Twins play the Yankees (huh), confessed that I visited Toys R Us shortly after midnight to see Star Wars: Episode I toys (gosh, I'm a geek), saw Pushing Tin and Entrapment, and linked to a bunch more stuff than I've been linking of late. Pop culture, computer stuff, post-columbine rants, yadda yadda.

One year ago, I got my first-ever foul ball at a Twins game (vs. the Mariners. Olerud hit it off Guardado), I joined The Well, and posted about the weather and Minicon and pop culture (imagine that!) and TV. Plus Badtz Maru, Mike's Hard Lemonade, popcorn (the song), peeps (the "candy"), ILOVEYOU virus, and John Wesley Harding mp3s. Linky links.

Posted by Laurel Krahn at 03:38 PM

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