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April 26, 2001

hugo nominations

The final nominations for the Hugo Awards are now available. Pretty cool list.

Ken MacLeod's The Sky Road is up for best novel. I just had the pleasure of meeting him at Minicon and he's just terrific. I also just finally read one of his novels (The Cassini Division) and it was wonderful. So congrats to him!

Also congratulations to Jo Walton, another of our guests at Minicon (that I met) on her nomination for the John W. Campbell Award. Too cool.

Lots of other fine nominees. Ted Chiang continues quite a streak. It just reminds me that I really don't read enough short fiction, alas. And I'm also woefully behind on novels.

Another tough slate in the Dramatic Presentation category, though not as tough as last year. I guess that's my way of saying I enjoyed all the movies listed. I didn't see the Dune miniseries.

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