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April 23, 2001

i (heart) meryn cadell

Years ago, I kept running across two albums by Meryn Cadell at the Used CD shop I frequented in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. They kept getting marked down 'til they were ridiculously cheap.

I bought one and loved it. Then I bought the other (and loved it).

I used to listen to them a lot; I should be listening to them a lot now. I hadn't thought of Ms. Cadell in a while and I'm not sure what prompted it today. But now I know I must rush home and find those CDs because I've really missed them.

You, whether you know Meryn Cadell's work or not, must visit her website and read the rant there. She's right about so many things. Including Felicity, Britney, the Amerian music awards, musicals, pop music and pop culture . . .

Posted by Laurel Krahn at 05:30 PM

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