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April 19, 2001

pennant fever

Okay, so it's only April. I made a few people laugh awfully hard when I pled pennant fever over the weekend.

But the Twins are looking good.

Lots of people seem surprised.

I'm surprised a little bit about some aspects of it (the homeruns!), but after attending a whole bunch of games last year, I'm not surprised the Twins are good. I saw more close games, more come-from-behind rallies last year than I have in all my years of watching the Twins. And more triples thanks to Guzman.

I hope they can keep this up.

Steve Wulf considers a Twins-Cubs World Series (yeah!). And Jim Caple talks with Twins GM Terry Ryan about how it feels to have this kindof success, finally.

You, too, can follow the Twins: ESPN's Twins Clubhouse, startribune.com's Twins Dugout, Pioneer Planet's Twins page, and the Official Site of the Minnesota Twins.

Posted by Laurel Krahn at 11:17 AM

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