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April 17, 2001

returning . . .

I am oh-so-very tired.

Maybe getting a mere 2 hours of sleep per night on the two evenings *before* Minicon was not a good idea. And then there's the fact that I probably only got maybe an average of four hours of sleep per night during the con.

All in all, I didn't truly feel it until the wee hours of Monday morning, when I found myself nodding off in the consuite.

And now, even after having lengthier stretches of sleep-- I'm back at work and I'm nodding off. I guess I don't have the andrenalin keeping me going anymore.

For what it's worth-- I had one of the best Minicons I've ever had. Best convention experiences, ever. It was fabulous in a lot of ways and it flew by far too quickly. Thanks ever-so-much to those who were there and to those who worked on the convention, for making it magical. And to Monty for covering for me @ TV Picks.net.

If I didn't get a chance to talk to you much (or at all) and you were at the convention, I'm sorry. I was busy busy busy. It's amazing how I found time for so much stuff and so many conversations, yet there were still so many other people I'd've liked to talk to more (hey, you can always email me).

Now I've gotta ease my way back into the "real world," I guess. And start plotting Minicon 37.

Posted by Laurel Krahn at 05:36 PM

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