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February 23, 2001

can't wait

Patrick Stewart and Mercedes Reuhl are starring in a production of Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? at the Guthrie Theater. I'm going to the play, but probably not for another couple of weeks.

Posted by Laurel Krahn at 11:44 AM

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Heard about this on the radio the other day while driving to work. Definately a production to see. When you figure out when you're going let me know if you want company.

Posted by: Peter Hentges at February 23, 2001 12:40 AM

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Oh my tickets have been bought already, I just don't remember offhand what day I'm going. But plans have already been made.

If anyone out there is intending to go, I recommend buying tickets asap 'cuz i know they're selling really fast. (i've season tix so it's all taken care of).

Posted by: Laurel at February 23, 2001 12:58 AM

* * *

Well, fooey, then. ;) I ran off to the Guthrie's site and picked up tickets for the matinee on March 17. That'll make quite a day of it, Guthrie in the afternoon, 1st Avenue that evening, then off to the MnStf pool party until the wee hours. Ritalin, don't fail me now!

Posted by: Peter Hentges at February 23, 2001 02:27 PM

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