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February 21, 2001

strangely true

I like strange brew a lot. This bit cracks me up:

linen closet ('li-n&n ∑ 'klš-z&t): a cabinet or recess in which geeks store old hard drives, extra RAM and empty boxes for webcams, digicams, CD-RW drives, DVD drives

and stereo equipment.

Not that it sounds familiar or anything.

I also like her remarks about wanting people to appear glowy or colored so you can tell if they have webpages, etc.

I often wonder if people I see have webpages, but I'm generally too shy to make conversations with total strangers. I do have "www.windowseat.org" printed on my checks, above my signature line. Sometimes I'll pay by check at a store or restaurant instead of credit card if I think there's a chance the person I'm paying is geeky enough to notice a URL on a check. I doubt anyone has yet, but you never know. I'm probably too subtle for my own good (in this regard, that is).

Posted by Laurel Krahn at 03:22 PM

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