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February 19, 2001

ain't that the truth

From the Mighty Big TV recap of The X-Files episode "Medusa" (you know, the one in the subway?):

As they trudge down the darkened tunnel, Lyle makes some comment about how they're suffering just so that all of Boston can "get home to watch Survivor II," and if the folks at 1013 have done away with the date stamps in order to keep the chronology of this season hazy, then I suggest they also try to read the scripts, because that just totally gave away when this episode takes place. Survivor II debuted after the Super Bowl, January 28. If Scully was pregnant the night after Mulder was abducted, which, as we learned last week, was in May, then she is eight months pregnant. At least. I know Chris Carter thinks he's smarter than the rest of us, but, dude. We can count to eight. Jesus.

All I have to say is: Word.

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