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February 14, 2001

the gift of feedback

I recently received something from my amazon wishlist from a friend/reader. Thanks! That's the second time I've received something from my wishlist out of the blue and it's so very cool and unexpected. Thanks to you both. Makes me wanna spread the joy by running around and buying other people stuff from their wishlists. Maybe I should try to do that once every month or so, finances permitting. Send someone a little something.

After yesterday's news re Leyla Harrison, I feel like it's more important than ever that I make time to send feedback to folks whose work I read online, whose words mean something to me.

At first I felt a bit silly putting the links in the sidebar here and at my tv picks page, suggesting that folks reward me if they like my work with some feedback or a gift or a donation. But the thing is . . . feedback (and that other stuff) keeps me going. I spend money and a lot of time putting these pages together and while I enjoy it a lot of the time, it's really hearing from readers that makes it all worthwhile, that keeps me going.

And I know I need to be better at taking the time to respond to the sites (and the people) I like who are out there, and I appreciate it when they do have email links, wish list links, paypal links, so that maybe I can give 'em a little something back.

I need to do more of that. Not let myself rush along and not find time. Not talk myself out of it because I figure they already get tons of email (you'd be surprised) or because what I say wouldn't matter. All positive feedback matters.

Posted by Laurel Krahn at 01:07 PM

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