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February 13, 2001

sad news

So I just heard that someone whose work I'd read a lot of, whose webpages I enjoyed, who from all accounts was a fab person, just passed away recently of cancer. :(

The online world is weird, you can feel you know people and see them and their work around a lot, and then later on they can disappear and unless someone else online knows them a bit better, knows them offline a bit . . . you might never know where they went or what happened.

Leyla Harrison passed away this week of cancer. Anyone who's read X-Files fanfic has probably read at least a couple of her stories (many of which are considered classics), I've read many more than that. She wrote great stuff, I always enjoyed visiting her website (and recommend you visit it before it disappears). . . she'll be missed, she's gone far too soon.

The Primal Screamers pay Leyla tribute. I haven't found many webpages with news, yet.

Posted by Laurel Krahn at 06:07 PM

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