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February 13, 2001

great big cd!

I love Great Big Sea, they're a fabulous Canadian band that plays folk rock stuff, a lot of traditional tunes and some originals. They're a blast live, but I also like their studio albums.

I'd heard a while back that they were going to release a live album and I was excited about that, but then I forgot to pay attention to when it actually came out.

Yesterday I went to their webpage and saw that yes, indeed, their live album road rage is out. Since I love Great Big Sea and I love live albums, it shouldn't surprise you that I stopped at Best Buy on my way home from work and picked it up.

And I'm listening to it now and it's really good. And it's a great album to start with if you've never heard 'em before (or have only heard a little).

(I'm guessin' you'd like Great Big Sea if you like the Oyster Band or any number of folks. If you like singing along with raucous folk songs, this is the band for you).

Right now I'm trying mighty hard *not* to sing along with "The Night Pat Murphy Died," because my officemate probably doesn't need to hear me warbling.

Posted by Laurel Krahn at 01:06 PM

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