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February 13, 2001

pushover for dogs?

So I was browsing the sale items at anthropologie and yeah, I ordered stuff. Geez, I've been on an online shopping kick lately.

But they've got a red 100% cashmere cardigan that's embroidered with dogs on it marked down to $35! And a groovy retro Scottie dog rug marked down to $25! Plus a Scottie dog pin and other cool stuff. (Have I mentioned I grew up with Scottie dogs? And that I collect some Scottie stuff? Not a lot, just the stuff I really like 'cuz there's too much stuff out there to collect in earnest).

Meanwhile, as I sit here I've got a box sitting behind my desk that's full of clearance going-out-of-business sale merch from etoys. Including a stuffed Kipper dog that speaks when you squeeze his paw. And then there's the lightsaber and the talking PsyDuck . . .

As if my coworkers already didn't wonder about me 'cuz I have Captain Simian and the Space Monkeys action figures on a shelf next to Star Wars pez dispensers and a Daffy Duck Fiestaware mug (okay, they wonder about me for a lot of other reasons, too).

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