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February 09, 2001


A package arrived for me today from Lush! Whee! Now, as I predicted a while back, I want to leave work early and go home and take a bath.

I don't remember when or how I first discovered Lush, but they're this cool company with stores in England and Canada. I've never actually been to a store, I've always received their products via mail order. Or from kind friends who were going to a store and who'd pick me up stuff.

They're famous for being the first place to make the fancy bath bomb thingies. And their bath products are mostly (all?) made with natural ingredients and as little preservatives as possible. They make bath bombs and melts, lotions, soap, massage bars, moisturizer, shampoo, conditioner, etc. etc. etc.

I enjoy reading their catalogs (the print one is a lot of fun, worth requesting from the website) and I'm hooked on some of their products. I actually don't often splurge on bath bombs or melts because it seems kinda ridiculous to spend $3 or $4 or more on something you use for just one bath (even if it's Canadian money!). But I like their bubble bath bars and love their lotions and have tried far too many of their products.

(So if you do find yourself looking at their online catalog and wondering about a certain product, you can ask me about it, if you'd like . . . I may very well have tried it).

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