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February 06, 2001

what went before

Wow, I've been at this for a while, haven't I?

Here's what I was saying in this weblog two years ago. Wow, there were still new episodes of Homicide airing then and my TV Picks were still part of the weblog. And I hadn't seen Rushmore yet! And Crusade hadn't yet aired on TNT and I was actually kinda liking that new Providence show and there were the usual links to Lileks and Jon Carroll and talk of so much stuff. I updated a lot more frequently then, didn't I? I must've been either unemployed or still bored silly at the strib.

And here's what I was talking about a year ago. Wow. I'm amused that I linked to a sample chapter for The Last Hot Time way back then and the book just came out in December. I was also all a flutter about the Homicide reunion movie and the party I was hosting. And I was raving about John Crowley (which I just did again not long ago) and talkinging about The X-Files.

Huh. Some things remain the same, that's for sure . . .

Posted by Laurel Krahn at 03:54 PM

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