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February 06, 2001

feeding on feedback

Most of the time I'm writing stuff here and there and over there and it really doesn't feel like people read it. I write with an audience in mind, of course, but it's all in-theory, never seems quite real.

I'm always a bit taken aback if someone mentions my words here to me offline. And I'm always pleasantly surprised if I receive email about anything I write, because I really don't get much email about my website at all. And if someone links to me? Wow . . . cool!

I don't read my access logs very often, I don't run reports on them. Call me crazy, but after a year+ of doing that for a large site, I learned to hate (HATE!) running reports on traffic to a website. With a passion.

Sure, it's useful data, but I've got bad associations with it, I guess.

Plus: when I do look at my access logs, I have to face the numbers and then I either end up crabby because I feel not enough people visit my site or freaked out because it seems like people are visiting the site. D'oh.

I don't know what possessed me to look at my referrer logs today, especially since I've got the Sinus Headache From Hell(tm) at the moment, but seeing that Monty and Kim each linked to me relatively recently and said such swell things . . . well, it made my day. Extra cool because I've admired their words online myself for a while now.

Go visit Kim's cool site Fresh Hell which is a site I've been meaning to bookmark for ages because of it's cool design and cool content. Kim also writes for Mighty Big TV and Ironminds. (Wow!)

And you should visit Monty's site Montykins because he's got great taste (IMHO) in books and music, among other things. And he writes for TeeVee, a site I've probably mentioned thousands of times by now (but that's 'cuz it's good, darnit).

Posted by Laurel Krahn at 03:15 PM

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