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February 02, 2001

i've got mail!

I love getting packages in the mail. Whee!

These days I have things shipped to the shipping department where I work, since it's much easier for me to get things at work than it is to try and stop by my apartment complex's office during their business hours.

'Course the dangerous part comes into play when I receive the Glory special edition DVD and the When Harry Met Sally DVD in the mail in the morning at work, 'cuz then all I want to do is rush home and check them out.

One of these days I'll get my shipment from Lush and then I'll just want to run home and take a bath (can't wait, can't wait, can't wait). (If anyone ever wants recommendations on Lush products, just ask . . . by now I've tried far too many of the things in their catalog).

Posted by Laurel Krahn at 05:00 PM

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