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February 02, 2001

for love of the game

randomwalks links to this fine article about the 1991 World Series, which makes a case for it being the best World Series ever.

Have I ever mentioned that I was at that World Series? Well, not for all of the games. But I was there for the first or second game (I can't believe I've forgotten already-- I'll have to look at the box scores to remind myself which one). And I was there for Game 7.

I had a chance to go to Game 6, but I opted to hold out for Game 7, counting on the Twins to win Game 6 so there would be a Game 7. Was a tough choice. The night I spent home alone watching Game 6 was one of the longest of my life-- but we won-- Kirby won-- the Twins won . . . ("we'll see you tomorrow night!") and while part of me wishes I could've been at *that* game, I'm thrilled beyond measure that I was at Game 7. The most intense sporting event I've ever witnessed/experienced. An amazing game, an amazing night.

Speaking of the Twins, I may go to TwinsFest for a little while this weekend. Mostly I want to get Al Newman to autograph the warmup jersey of his that I bought at a sale a while back. That'd be cool.

And if you haven't yet listened to Kirby's press conference or the one he did with Winfield, they're fabulous.

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