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February 01, 2001

RIP Gordon R. Dickson

Sad news: legendary science fiction writer Gordon R. Dickson passed away yesterday. There are obituaries up at the SFWA site and at Locus magazine. Folks have been posting tributes in a thread in rec.arts.sf.fandom, too. Here's a not quite up-to-date bibliography.

Here's an obituary from the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

I've heard Gordy speak many times at conventions over the years, he was a regular guest at Minicon and other area conventions, even when he struggled with health problems. Sadly I wasn't going to cons back when he used to play music and hang out in the consuites, when he was in his prime. But I've heard the stories. And I've heard him.

He'll be missed. It's hard to imagine a world without Gordy.

Posted by Laurel Krahn at 11:19 AM

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did he finish the childe cycle???? guh .. not that i care that much i only read 2 o the later books .. but thats gotta be infruriating ..

Posted by: yitz.. at February 8, 2001 11:52 AM

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Posted by: test at November 17, 2001 01:31 AM

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