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January 16, 2001

we'll see you tomorrow night

. . . and in the hall of fame!

Kirby Puckett and Dave Winfield will be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame this year.

I can't convey in words how cool this is. Well, maybe I'll try later. For now I just wanted to register a big "woohoo!"

Star Tribune coverage of the selection of Puckett and Winfield. Lots and lots of cool stuff there. It's well worth listening to the recording of Kirby's press conference, it's amazing. Funny and fascinating and fun and cool. Don't miss the Barreiro piece re Puck, that kinda explains a little teensy bit of what I'm feeling. But Kirby's words themselves do it the most, appropriately enough.

AP story @ ESPN. And an article by ESPN's Tim Kurkjian.

I also know that I've gotta be there for the ceremony, so I'm already plotting a trip to Cooperstown in August.

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