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January 05, 2001

homicidal stuff (just like old times)

Homicide: Life on the Street reruns cycled back to the very beginning this week and Court TV changed their schedule so the show now airs every weeknight at 10pm central time. And my cable provider just added Court TV to their lineup last week. Excellent.

Meanwhile, the real detectives who work Homicide in Baltimore had some good news this year:

Baltimore recorded fewer than 300 homicides last year for the first time in more than a decade, curbing a vicious cycle of killings that stained the city as one of the nation's most violent urban centers.

The year ended yesterday with 262 homicides, well below the 305 in 1999. That broke a barrier that seemed impossible in April, when the number of killings exceeded the previous year's pace by nearly three dozen.

And The (real) Board is back in Balmer where it belongs.

A very clever plan (maybe): I'm planning "The 2nd Annual Mpls Homicide Party Thingie" (for lack of a better name). Last February a few Homicide fans gathered at my apartment to watch Homicide: The Movie and we had a great time. So I figured it's time to plan another party for sometime in February, somewhere in or near Minneapolis. If you're a fan of the show and want to get together with some other fans to watch episodes and talk about the show and lord knows what else (write on whiteboards?), email me. And if you can't be here, but have ideas or stuff to contribute, pester me.

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