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January 05, 2001

enough, time to move on (again)

When I started this weblog in the fall of 1998, I handcoded it. And I kept at that for a good long while. Then I tried Blogger and came to find the tool valuable, especially for automating ye olde archive process.

But I could never customize it quite as much as I'd like and then there were the few times big entries were lost . . . which was incredibly frustrating.

And after weeks of Blogger being super slow, yesterday was the final straw. I couldn't take it any longer! I tried for several hours to upload my TV Picks and I could never get Blogger to cooperate.

So yesterday I switched my picks over to using Noah Grey's fab greymatter software and today on my lunch hour I worked on switching this weblog over.

I've still got things to fix, but at least now I can post!

While Blogger is a cool tool and much is being made out of how they're now soliciting donations to buy bigger and better servers . . . I think they're doing it too late. And that the folks at Pyra should've stopped letting folks sign up for a bit, until they could afford an upgrade. 'Cuz I doubt I'm the only longtime user who got fed up and left . . .

Posted by Laurel Krahn at 04:29 PM

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This is a test to see that comments work, this is only a test . . .

Posted by: Laurel at January 5, 2001 04:30 PM

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Just wanted to say that I agree with you 100%. I switched over to Greymatter in November. Haven't regretted it yet, and some of the fixes in store for v1.3 are exciting!

Posted by: Bill at January 5, 2001 05:55 PM

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