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Week of . . . December 12, 1998

An incredible man . . . actor, singer, composer, pianist, activist . . . passed away this past weekend. I had to try to write something about Michael Zaslow, though I feel my words are inadequate. Check out the links on that page, too.

Every so often I've gotta share a favorite link from months past, before I started this weblog. This is a piece I love, written by Lora Grady for Maybe it's a bit of an explanation/apology for the many TV-related links I include here. Yeah, so maybe I relate to this:

My friends have pretty much come to understand me--that while they're busy worrying about dating, I am pursuing a serious relationship with my TV set. It's not exactly the most fulfilling relationship I've ever had. In fact, it's kind of like dating a really great-looking guy who says something vaguely intelligent about once a month, and never when anyone else is around.

[. . .]

The fact remains that in these opinionated times we inhabit, drug users receive more sympathy and fascinated attention than those of us who bravely admit that we have a TV jones. How much praise would have been heaped on the recent film "Trainspotting" if it had focused, not on heroin users, but on a bunch of guys who spent their days sitting around an apartment watching cartoons and soap operas while they complained that their grim lack of social and economic opportunities left them nowhere else to turn for solace? How tragic would the death of River Phoenix seem if he had expired due to gross inactivity after getting hooked on E! Entertainment Television?

Tuesday TV Alerts: Bill Gates on The Rosie O'Donnell Show, Greg Kinnear on The Late Show with David Letterman, Bob Dole on Late Night with Conan O'Brien. As always, I recommend TVGrid for TV listings/reminders.

It could happen:

If I put up a strand of lights that chimed tunes night and day in that tinkly robot tone, I expect my neighbor would show up at the door at 3 AM with a tight expression, a shotgun, and a request. [dailybleat]

He's my governor:

A string of events beginning Jan. 2 will have Jesse Ventura attending a hot dish potluck with farm families in Hastings, sipping coffee with line workers at St. Paul's Ford plant, releasing an eagle at a Brooklyn Park wetlands and even leading Minnesota families in a half-hour of fitness exercises at the National Sports Center in Blaine.

Terry Ventura will read to a class of special education students while Lt. Gov.-elect Mae Schunk meets with teachers at a yet-to-be disclosed high school in St. Paul.

The culmination will be a "People's Celebration" on Jan. 15 at the Target Center.

BeetleMac: Of course.

Jon Carroll:

The problem is that cats are not aware that the human face is different from other parts of the human body. For instance: You can sit on the human lap, but you can't sit on the human face.

My cats have finally learned some level of etiquette. But as it gets colder, they become friendlier. At least Inky no longer tries to sleep on my neck at night. He occasionally tries to share my pillow with me... with often humorous results.

Behind the scenes at The Onion. Not exactly a kind article (I deplore the bit that makes it sound as if being on antidepressants = crazy). But interesting to hear a bit about the folks behind one of my favorite websites/newspapers. Who knows if any of it is true anyway . . .

TV alert for Monday December 7th: Patrick Stewart and Jon Stewart on The Late Show with David Letterman. Both are grand guests, both get along well with Dave. Should be fun.

Chat alert for Monday night: Yaphet Kotto chats at 10pm EST/9pm CST. Who's gonna ask him about Esposito's big mouth? ;-)

Joyce Millman (of salon) reviews Martial Law:

"Martial Law" is an almost perfect definition of a guilty pleasure; you know better, really you do, but it's just so much fun.

What can I say? If I happen to be home on a Saturday night, I get a kick out of the show. It's Sammo Hung, for crying out loud, what's not to like? :-)

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