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Thursday, October 5, 2000

My trusty Tivo has been recording Millennium each night on FX (midnight central time) and I've been watching it regularly, seeing lots of episodes for the first time since I only occasionally watched the series when it originally aired.

I'm hooked, I guess. The final episode aired last night, the pilot airs tonight and I've still a bunch of episodes I've not seen yet. But I wanna know what happens after the finale! Beyond the crossover with The X-Files.

Fortunately I just discovered the virtual season of the show-- a series of teleplays written by fans that make up 22 more episodes. Cool!

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Track your DVD collection and check out your friend's collections too (assuming they use the same service) at DVD Tracker. Looks pretty neat, I might try it out . . . (and then if I could nudge all my friends who collect DVDs to use it, we could swap DVDs all the live long day).

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Monday, October 2, 2000

TV . . . TV . . . TV . . . TV.

I'll be posting my take on each night's new fall primetime lineup on my Fall Preview page. So far I've got Monday and Tuesday online. Working on the rest.

And of course TV Picks are in the usual place.

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Be like Meldrick (of Homicide: Life on the Street), wear this hat [as posted to].

Or you could just be kinda like Meldrick and get a porkpie hat with a picture of Cartman on it [thanks to Jim King for the link].

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