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Thursday, September 28, 2000

I may not have many updates to this or my journal while I focus on trying to get some TV-related webpages ready @ ye olde TV Picks site.

So there may not be anything new 'til next week sometime. (Then again, if I follow my usual pattern, I'll think of or find stuff to post mere minutes after I upload this entry).

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* * *

So a couple of astute readers wrote in about HTML editors with fine suggestions and comments.

The thing is, I agree with the one who recommended Dreamweaver, from all accounts it's a great product. Most web designers I know use it . . . but I guess it does seem like there's a learning curve with it and I simply haven't the time or haven't made the time to futz with it and try to figure it out. Ditto with Go Live.

I'm no longer paid to do web work so it's all done in my spare time and I've so very many projects I want to do that I'm eager to just Go Go Go with the content . . . which doesn't leave time for figuring out how to use Photoshop or a new editor. I know, I'm lame. One of these days I'll make time to concoct style sheets . . .

I have considered hiring someone to do a design for my tv picks page, because I really want it to look better . . . sigh.

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* * *

Wednesday, September 27, 2000

Help me Oh Faithful Readers, you're my only hope!

I'm searching for an HTML editor for the Mac.

I use BBEdit for most things and like it heaps, but I want an editor with a little more WYSIWYG help for designing. Mostly I'd like an editor that helps out with color selections and putting together tables, maybe even stylesheets.

I've used Visual Page and like it okay except for the fact that it sticks a gazillion font tags in all over the place . . . I've tried Go Live 4 and Go Live 5 and Go Live totally confuses me. Ditto Dreamweaver.

I'm just a simple girl, used to handcoding almost everything. Not used to designing a la page layout programs. Who hasn't yet learned how to use freaking style sheets (I know, I'm behind, I've not been paid to do webstuff for years now). Whose favorite HTML editor for the PC is Homesite.

Any ideas?

* * *

Don't forget to pre-order DVDs (or tapes) of The Prisoner: DVD Set 1 (episodes 1-3), DVD Set 2 (episodes 4-6), Set 1 on VHS, Set 2 on VHS. Release date is October 31st.

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* * *

Tuesday, September 26, 2000

About d*mn time!

Anchor Bay has secured the rights and will release The Stunt Man on DVD sometime next year. Yay! It and a cool new documentary on the making of the film was supposed to have been released this year or last IIRC and I kept looking and looking for info. Finally something concrete (or close enough).

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* * *

Dangit, I really am in the kindof mood where I want to Shop, Shop, Shop, Buy, Buy, Buy. If only I had some extra money so I could indulge my urges . . .

These days, the geek toys I most crave are a NOMAD Jukebox, a good digital camera (possibly the digital Elph?), and a Palm Vx (or maybe a Visor Deluxe, but they're so darn ugly . . . ).

If I had a digital camera, I could finally get some pictures of my own bad self on this webpage. Plus pix of my surroundings, my cats (ha!), and on and on. So it probably should be my next purchase. If anyone wants to suggest hardware or send me money (heh, a girl can dream), feel free.

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* * *

Monday, September 25, 2000

Sure, I got email from Levenger today, they just want to make me buy pens and paper and and and cool office junk. Emails are easier to ignore than paper catalogs, tho, fortunately!

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* * *

'Tis the season for dry skin, fa la la la la la la la la.

Which is why I recommend Kiss Me lip balm from Philosophy. It's very emollient, in fact it takes some getting used to if you aren't used to something quite this rich. I tend to just use it overnight, it's fabulous. Works for guys or gals, of course. They do now make a version that's tinted red if you like that kindof thing, is a little pink when you wear it. You can order online or visit the Philosophy counter in the cosmetics section of Dayton's and other fine dept stores.

Of course I also use Blistex lip balm (usually Lip Tone) and Burt's Bees lip balm. But I don't think I'm to the point of needing to join Lip Balm Anonymous.

As far as skin care goes, in the winter months I use a lot of Sympathy For the Skin lotion from Lush. It's made of all sorts of natural good stuff and smells like banana bread and is very rich. Just don't wear it in the summertime where the mosquitoes might find you as they love love love the stuff . . .

And I use Lush products a lot in the bath, just 'cuz they're so Lush. Wonderful. If you've never ordered from Lush before or visited a store, you might want to request their print catalog and read it before diving in, it's a bit more descriptive than the website. Tho the website is fab (oh-oh, I feel an order coming on).

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* * *

I've never been to a Chiasso store, but I get their catalog and it's always full of fun, colorful stuff. I'm on a catalog kick these days I guess . . . must be the chill in the air. I've got the shopping urge (now if only I had some cash to spend).

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* * *

Sunday, September 24, 2000

Ooooh. Got a catalog from Garnet Hill in the mail the other day. Finally got around to looking at it. Ohmygosh. They've got some absolutely gorgeous flannel sheets (and comforter covers). I almost always use flannel on my bed and and I like bright colors, but they've even got some prints I really like.

I simply must have this rocketship flannel on my bed. Yup, I need a Queen-sized comforter cover, stat.

(Yes, I am a GEEK).

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* * *

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