Laurel Krahn
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Current Projects:
Weblog-- updated regularly since November 7, 1998.
-- mentioned in the Chicago Tribune and Saint Paul Pioneer Press.
TV Picks-- updated daily since March 1, 1999.
Minn-StF-- webmaster for Minnesota Science Fiction Society.
Mailing list administrator for several discussion lists.
Personal website --

What I'd Like To Do:
I'm not sure; I have so many interests and skills that it is often difficult to choose just one thing that sounds like the right job for me. I love to use the net to find and share information, I enjoy teaching others. I love putting together websites. And I love writing about the internet, television, movies, music, and other related stuff. I'm passionate (believe it or not) about standards and structure for websites, too. Also excited about helping others use technology to improve productivity (and their quality of life). I love to learn new things almost as much as I love teaching or otherwise sharing the stuff I know. I have many interests and a good dose of experience in a lot of areas. When I find a job that interests me, I'm excited and truly give it my all. Know of anything you think might be my cup of tea? Email me or call me, I'd love to talk about it.

Some Skills I Have and Technologies/Software I've Used:
HTML (since 1993, I code most of my stuff by hand), Windows ME, Windows NT Server, Windows NT Workstation, Novell Netware, Webtrends, Windows 95, Windows 3.1, Windows 98, UNIX (AIX, SunOS, Solaris, Linux), Mac OS, Microsoft Word, Wordperfect, Homesite, Dreamweaver, various other HTML editors, Netscape Enterprise Server, Apache Web Server, Majordomo, Adobe Photoshop, Quark Xpress, Pagemaker, Netscape Navigator, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Opera, various web browsers, various email clients and servers, many internet clients, and others I'm forgetting and many others I've yet to learn/use. I'm a quick study when it comes to software.

Writing Experience:
I've been posting messages online, every day, since sometime in 1986. I wrote articles for my high school and college newspapers and yearbooks. Most of my writing since then has been online, though I've been known to write copy for flyers and for progress reports for science fiction conventions. I've also written documentation for various web tools, some of this work was featured on Gateway 2000's website. I've written documentation used on intranets within companies as well. Years ago, I wrote articles about the internet for the magazine Business Page South Dakota. These days I write a lot for my websites, as well as in all the usual online forums. I'm an excellent proofreader and I love to type.

Professional Experience

Colorhouse (a division of Mail-Well)
Plymouth, Minnesota
August, 1999 to August, 2001

Responsibilities included:

  • Primary responsibility involved work with a complex archive system whose pieces were on multiple platforms (UNIX, Mac, and Windows NT) and which used a number of technologies (Perl, Applescript, UNIX shell scripts). I helped design parts of the system, brainstormed new features. Did troubleshooting and day to day maintenance of the system.
  • Also worked with DLT tape backup systems and archive systems (using Flashnet and Legato).
  • Archived and restored a large number of files to/from a Kodak ADL Jukebox.
  • Other tasks included regular updates of both internal and external websites.
  • I helped set up our sendmail server as well as a webmail system. Was email administrator for these systems.
  • Did Mac and Windows end user support.
  • Did troubleshooting of a small modem bank for dial-up users.
  • Headed up efforts to document tasks in our technical services department.
  • Various other duties.
Minneapolis, Minnesota
April, 1997 to April, 1999

WEB GEEK (a.k.a. Web Programmer or Internet and Web Specialist). Part of the Web/Technical team for Responsibilities included:

  • Administering 5 majordomo mailing lists.
  • Running daily, weekly, and monthly reports on traffic to the web site. A site on multiple servers, which was growing exponentially.
  • Developing standards for web development.
  • Responsible for staging files (HTML, images, code) between our development, pre-production, and production environments.
  • Work on special projects, including Online Idea, FreeTime, and HomeZone.
  • Answering HTML, web, and internet questions for our staff.
  • Writing support documents for internal use.
  • Creation of an intranet for
  • Maintenance of intranet pages and creation of tools for in-house use.
  • Software design for some of our maintenance tools.
  • Web and HTML troubleshooting.
  • Software evaluation.
  • Windows NT server and workstation support within a network that mixes Novell Netware with UNIX machines and a variety of hardware and software.
  • Administration of Windows NT Server.
  • Administration of a variety of internet servers (see above).
  • Maintenance of a software archive for internal use.
  • Various other duties.

Gateway 2000
North Sioux City, South Dakota
January, 1996 to May, 1996

WEB DEVELOPER. Worked as part of the Gateway 2000 Web Team, creating documents for the Gateway 2000 web site at Wrote articles and installation instructions. Maintained complex web documents and forms. Supervised the quality control/quality assurance process for web site content. Updated price lists for the website each week. Taught classes about HTML and graphics for the web to Gateway 2000 Internet and Creative Services departments. Installed software and answered questions about internet software for Gateway 2000 executives.

Iway Internet Services
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
December, 1994 to June, 1995

DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS and WEBMASTER. Developed and implemented Iway's extensive online presence. Created and maintained all content on Iway's web site. Developed and authored print and online guides to internet usage. Developed and taught classes on installation, use, and maintenance of internet applications and software. Created extensive written documentation for Iway's internet services. Served as primary customer contact, via telephone and electronic mail. Performed public relations duties, including public appearances and press appearances (television and print). Authored articles about Iway and the internet for various publications, including the cover story for Business Page South Dakota, March 1995). Taught introductory and advanced classes about HTML.


Augustana College
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
1989 to 1990, 1992 to 1994

ENGLISH MAJOR, GOVERNMENT MINOR. English/Journalism Scholarship recipient, Merit Scholarship recipient, elected and served as Tuve Hall President (1993-94), elected and served as Environmental Committee Librarian/Executive Council member (1990). Member of Tuve Hall Council (1992-94), Tuve Hall Peer Advisor (Interim 1993), founding member of Augustana Environmental Committee (1989), newspaper reporter for the Augustana Mirror (1989-90, 1992-94), on-air personality at KAUR (Augustana College Radio) (1989-90).

Lutheran High School
Mayer, Minnesota
1985 to 1989

HIGH SCHOOL DEGREE. National Honor Society member (1987-89), listed in Who's Who Among America's High School Students (twice), editor of The Chronicle (LHS newspaper) (1988), Advanced Placement English Literature (1987-89), Advanced Placement U.S. History (1986-88), Drama Club (1986-89), Drama Club Publicity Committee (1986-89), Chronicle staff (1985-88), Yearbook staff (1985-88).

References available upon request.