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Friday, March 24, 2000


Over in the Annex, Sean's recommended Romeo Must Die. I saw a commercial for it for the first time yesterday and decided I had to see it based on that alone. And, well, the presence of Jet Li (of course). Now I'm really intrigued.

By the way-- both Annex contributors were in Minneapolis last weekend, though I never had a chance to introduce them to each other. Felix went to the Boiled in Lead show and I think had a good time. Sean visited his parents and me and other friends; we managed to have thai food and coffee and converse re ancient history and current events, too.
posted at 4:00:26 PM Central Time

* * *


When I was camping near Winnipeg for the Winnipeg Folk Festival last year, I got seriously hooked on Mike's Hard Lemonade. Tasty stuff with clever packaging. Wish I could track it down someplace in Minnesota.

At long last, they have a webpage which will help me explain my summer vacation far easier.

Even if you aren't into lemonade and/or lemonade with a whole lotta vodka in it, you'll probably get a kick out of their webpage.
posted at 3:34:28 PM Central Time

* * *

Any other webloggers out there get crabby when they see a link they found linked to all over the place but not credited or credited to someone else? 'Course it's not as if sometimes people don't stumble on stuff independent of each other. Still.

I also sometimes get grumpy when I see someone link to something as if it's the Latest Thing when it's something I covered weeks or months or years ago. C'mon, people, aren't you reading my weblog?

Then I realize: oh wait, I'm not reading everyone's weblog, either. Who am I to talk?

Actually, these days I mostly don't read many other weblogs because I'm short on time. Or I find myself getting jealous of others. Or crabby about . . . well, stuff like I just mentioned.

No, I'm not proud of these yucky feelings. Not at all.
posted at 3:17:58 PM Central Time

* * *

So I made a little banner ad thingie for windowseat. I did it in 5 minutes (or less) and it's really boring. I never claimed to be a designer (though I've artistic inclinations), I'm more of a babbler. I wish I had more time to learn design, to tinker with colors and fonts and layout and all that stuff. One of these days I'll have to make time. Or convince a friend to have pity on me and do some design for me. 'Cuz I'm pretty darn sick of these shades of purple . . .

Anyway, if anyone out there wants to download this banner and use it, by all means go for it. If anyone out there wants to design a better one for the site or offer copy suggestions, well . . . I'd be grateful and be compelled to sing your praises and/or send you a gift or something.
posted at 3:12:18 PM Central Time

* * *

Oy. My right shoulder is still bothering me and I'm still trying to get my new chair adjusted to where it's most comfortable. Suspect I really need an ergonomic keyboard at work now, too. As well as maybe a better mouse. Any suggestions? USB and Mac compatible, natch.
posted at 1:30:56 PM Central Time

* * *

I'm not sure that it's quite yet ready for primetime (when I emailed them a correction, they were surprised anyone had seen the site yet), but TV Tattle looks promising. It's a TV-centric weblog kindof thing. Newslog. Whatever. I found it via my referrer logs.
posted at 1:28:25 PM Central Time

* * *

Thursday, March 23, 2000

Boy does this tribute to Q-Link take me back.
posted at 4:58:03 PM Central Time

* * *

I remember Q-Link.

The first computer my family had was a Commodore 64, it came with a bunch of info re online services, of course. I remember wanting to try Compuserve, but my Dad being not too keen on that 'cuz once the demo expired, Compuserve was Really Expensive.

Eventually, I think after we'd had the computer for a year or two, I found my way onto Q-Link. I don't really remember my handle from those days, but I suspect it was something deeply profound like "LAUREL1." And I soon became a regular at weekly (I think they were weekly) Star Trek conferences where I was known to say "skoob" a lot as my subliminal request to talk about Trek books. Yeah, I was quite the geek. Q-link led to BBSes, which led to Usenet . . . and the rest is ancient history. I remember Club Caribe, too, though it was mostly too slow via my 300 or 1200 baud modems for me to hang there much.
posted at 4:54:08 PM Central Time

* * *

It's no Aeron (darn), but I have a new chair at work which seems pretty cool thus far (the true test is yet to come). My right (a.k.a. mouse) shoulder has been aching by days end for the last week or so, so I requested a new chair that had adjustable arms. Whee!
posted at 3:00:01 PM Central Time

* * *

So I'm poking around, which I know isn't particularly fashionable these days. But what can I say? They've given me fabulous service over the years. Anyway, I'm happy to find that you can order a Flash Girls album from amazon. Yup, they've got copies of Maurice and I. Too cool.

Don't know The Flash Girls? They're Emma Bull (you may have read some of her books) and the Fabulous Lorraine. Guitar, fiddle, vocals. Cool songs written by Emma, Lorraine, and folks like Neil Gaiman, Alan Moore, and Jane Yolen. Album was produced by Adam Stemple (of Boiled in Lead, The Tim Malloys, et al; he's also Jane Yolen's son). With guest appearances by members of Boiled in Lead and other fine people. Cover art by Michael Zulli. Gosh, I feel so young all of a sudden, it's been ages since I plugged The Flash Girls and I guess I miss it.

There's talk that the band may yet reunite to put together a third album. A girl can dream . . .

I'm administrator for signal-to-noise, the Flash Girls mailing list which has been very quiet for a while now.
posted at 12:54:19 PM Central Time

* * *

I'm not sure how I got so busy. Something to do with too many web projects (TV picks, anyone? you don't wanna know how much time those take). A day job. Tons of hobbies. Too many books to read, albums to listen to, shows to watch, movies to see, etc. Friends to see. Not that I'm complaining or anything. Just wish there were more hours in a day. Or days in a the week. Or something. Gonna get back in the habit of posting here, though, really!
posted at 12:43:13 PM Central Time

* * *

Tuesday, March 21, 2000

At last! Just what I need! An e-holster! Woohoo! Too cool! Someone get me one, stat!

Yikes, sorry about all those exclamation points. Anyway, read the street tech review, too.
posted at 3:59:55 PM Central Time

* * *

Monday, March 20, 2000

There's a new feature at teevee called "watch me" in case you care (well, I do).
posted at 2:05:37 PM Central Time

* * *

It's not just about Homicide anymore: the Homicide Links site now also includes news articles and other stuff about The Beat, Law & Order: Special Victim's Unit and other shows which feature of the work of folks who worked on Homicide. One of my favorite sites, I visit it almost daily and sometimes multiple times each day.
posted at 2:03:00 PM Central Time

* * *

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